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Switching to a customer-oriented digital marketing strategy can allow you to gain market share over your competitors. It is still necessary however to frame your projects and fully exploit the potential of available data and possible use cases.

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  • Audience strategy framing
  • Deployment of audience management tools
  • Audience and personae management

Audience strategy framing

In a context where targeting is being disrupted by regulatory, technological and behavioural upheavals, we help you write your data marketing use cases and define technological scenarios.

The objective is to provide you with a business plan associated with your audience strategy to justify (or invalidate), for instance, the subscription to a Customer Data Platform, the modification of an organization or the hiring of new profiles to manage audience strategies.

Deployment of audience management tools

There are several tools that can be used to deploy an audience strategy: DMP, CDP, in-house tools, CRM onboarders, etc.

We can help you deploy these tools by participating in each step of the project:

  • Business and technical framework - Definition of the use cases to be deployed and the target architecture & associated master plan
  • Technical deployment - Data collection & connections to your ecosystem
  • Configuration of the solution - Adaptation of the solution to your specific issues & expectations
  • Training and use - Support in the handling of the tool (common thread or training)
  • Escalation - Support in the deployment of the first use cases

Audience and personae management

If you lack resources in your organization (parental leave, increased workload, etc.) we are able to provide you with operational profiles to manage audiences:

  • Writing Data Marketing Use Cases
  • Setting up audiences in CDP / DMP type tools
  • Sharing audiences with activation tools (Media, CRM, Site, etc.)
  • Volume management and loss
  • Project management and internal communication
  • Team management or training

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