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Addressing the issue of web performance does not stop at improving the conversion rate of your digital platforms, but also at improving the experience of your users, the accessibility of your websites, your SEO, and acts as a lever to reduce the environmental impact of your websites.

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Nous vous aidons à mettre en place en place une stratégie de monitoring afin de développer votre site web et le rendre performant et optimal.
  • Conduct a web performance audit and optimize its processes
  • Identify your performance issues through monitoring

Conduct a web performance audit and optimize its processes

We have several areas of intervention on web performance. First of all, we support our clients to audit the performance of their websites, and analyze the business impact that this can represent. We also support them in defining and prioritizing web performance optimization projects, through technical recommendations, until the right processes are set up so that web performance becomes an inherent component of continuous digital asset optimization processes.

Identify your performance issues through monitoring

Monitoring is a key topic to identify performance issues that may arise on your websites. Whether on active approaches - Synthetic Monitoring, also called LAB testing or Synthetic Monitoring - or passive approaches - more generally known as real-user monitoring (RUM) - Converteo accompanies you to identify the approaches that seem most relevant to us, as well as their proper implementation according to your needs and your context.

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