CRM qualification and strategy

Disappearance of third-party cookies and zero-party data make embasement and prospect / customer relationship management the focus of marketing strategies. We support you in the definition of your PRM/CRM strategy and the framing of projects. We focus our approach on the definition of use cases, the measurement of their relevance and contributions, the analysis and definition of technical architectures and the construction of deployment roadmaps.

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Nous vous accompagnons dans la définition de votre stratégie PRM/CRM et le cadrage des projets
  • Customer segmentation and knowledge
  • Data Catching strategy
  • Omnichannel or omnilever strategy
  • MarTech project framing

Customer segmentation and knowledge

Customer knowledge and segmentation improve the quality and relevance of activations, whether for acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell, retention, or re-purchase strategies.

Our teams composed of Data Analysts and Data Scientists help to build advanced segmentations in your tools, according to deterministic methods (RFM-type lifetime value models) or based on algorithms (clustering, churn risk, etc.), for segmented approach determination and activation via marketing platforms. 

Data Catching strategy

The collection of proprietary data freely provided by leads and customers, also known as zero-party data, has become key in the current context. 

We help you design and deploy advanced collection strategies:

  • Development of proprietary data collection strategies
  • Enrichment via open data and data brokers 
  • Content versus data: improvement of the experience (content, price, exclusivity, etc.), content strategy justifying the exchange of data 
  • Preference management: creation of preference centres adapted to your business, your targets and your constraints

Omnichannel or omnilever strategy

CRM is more than just the email channel. With the multiplication of channels — from chatbot to customer service through conversational levers and email & SMS communication — being able to activate the most relevant one for the right person is the key to deliver the most seamless experience. These changes strongly impact the MarTech architecture but also corporate organization, as silos need to be brought down.

We support you in defining your omnichannel - or rather omnilever - strategy: from the formalization of objectives and measurement tools to the support of the transformation of your organization, through the definition of your MarTech architecture.

MarTech project framing

Want to plan the evolution of your MarTech stack? We help you understand and anticipate market, technological, regulatory or usage changes and define the best roadmap to make your ecosystem evolve:

  • Inventory of use cases and their application to your context, as well as their benefits and implementation complexity
  • Taking into account your organisational constraints
  • Analysis of existing technical architectures
  • Co-construction of a target vision at 2/4 years and a roadmap to achieve it, covering organizational aspects, platforms and training.

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