Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)

Marketing Mix Modeling is the only unbiased and omnichannel solution to measure the contribution (sales, store visits, etc.) and return on investment of your marketing and media actions.

It does not require tracking of users (cookies, tags, etc.) and may take into account the impact of external factors. It allows you to quantify the expense of the impact of marketing and media to transform them into profit centers, and not just costs.

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Le Marketing Mix Modeling ou MMM est une analyse et une modélisation des effets des investissements marketing afin de mesurer la contribution de chaque levier sur le chiffre d'affaire d'une entreprise.
  • Marketing & Media Mix Modeling optimization
  • Marketing & Media Mix Modeling industrialization
  • Our added value in Marketing Mix Modeling

Marketing & Media Mix Modeling optimization

To measure the contribution of your marketing and external factors (media, promotion, seasonality, etc.) to your performance (revenues, e-commerce visits, store visits, brand items, etc.), we roll out customized econometric models (MMM) that measure the long-term evolution of the explanatory factors between them and in comparison with a commercial performance indicator.

We roll out these MMMs at different levels of granularity, to provide you with an overview and strategic vision of the performance of your investments (contribution to sales, ROAS, etc.), applying the only method capable of providing an unbiased omnichannel measurement.   

Marketing & Media Mix Modeling industrialization

The advantages of MMM models make them key elements of performance measurement devices.

Through our data & business expertise, we support you in this transformation:

  • Defining a group of MMM models to meet your main management challenges (impact on general revenue, e-commerce, stores, departments, etc.)
  • Rolling out the models while ensuring their consistency (between each other and in the long term)
  • Industrializing them (data collection, structuring of analysis bases, automation of models, etc.)
  • Support you while your teams increase their skills.

Our added value in Marketing Mix Modeling

  • Models developed in-house and mastered to avoid the "black box" effect

  • Data expertise (econometrics, data engineering, data analysis) allowing us to provide you with precise and granular modeling

  • Consulting expertise allowing us to support you in major projects to develop your measuring system    

  • Business expertise (marketing, media, CRM, etc.) allowing us to build models useful to your business and to analyze their results and bias in order to recommend relevant and valuable actions

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