Pricing strategy

Pricing has become indispensable for companies striving for competitiveness.

Drawing upon our expertise, we assist you in refining your strategy and reimagining your organization, selecting the right solution, and effectively deploying it to maximize generated value.

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  • Strategy and Organization
  • Data Preparation and Analysis
  • Change Management Support
  • Assistance in Selecting and Deploying a Pricing Solution
  • Converteo, your pricing strategy partner

Strategy and Organization

Any pricing initiative hinges upon a clear strategy and a well-structured organization. To support you in this endeavor, we propose conducting a diagnosis and formulating recommendations regarding:

  • Commercial and pricing strategy
  • Decision-making processes and exceptions
  • Methods and tools
  • Governance

Data Preparation and Analysis

Pricing is the realm where decisions are primarily made and executed through data. To help you better comprehend the implications of your past decisions and illuminate your future ones, we offer to perform:

  • Data source identification and management
  • Data cleansing
  • Data mining (data science)
  • Analysis visualization and conclusion production

Change Management Support

A pricing project inherently brings about change, especially given the numerous interdependencies within the company. To maximize your chances of success, we recommend:

  • Collaborative projection of an ideal situation
  • Development of a transformation program
  • Stakeholder management
  • Training plan

Assistance in Selecting and Deploying a Pricing Solution

The selection and subsequent deployment of a pricing-focused solution that meets business and technical imperatives are both pivotal and fraught with risk. To mitigate your risk and maximize your return on investment, we suggest:

  • Management of the tender process and deployment project (PMO)
  • Design and configuration of the solution
  • Data integration and verification
  • Testing, production deployment, and maintenance

Converteo, your pricing strategy partner

Our consultants, pricing experts, encompassing both generalists and specialists in pricing software solutions, collaborate with your teams to help you execute your pricing projects and thus generate unprecedented value for your enterprise.

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