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Our Data Engineer team supports you in setting up all the necessary bricks to access a clean, reliable and robust data. We assist you in implementing, configuring and deploying new bricks within your stack.

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  • Development of Data Platforms
  • Set up of a Data Visualization platform
  • Project & data migration

Development of Data Platforms

We design and build the services that enable you to reliably collect, transform, manage, maintain, and explore your data.

Our data platforms are based by default on cloud services and can also use open-source technologies to reduce infrastructure costs and rely on a large community of contributors. Our architectures are adaptable and scalable.

Finally, we deploy your infrastructure as code. In case of incident, it will be possible to restore your infrastructure 

Set up of a Data Visualization platform

The implementation of a data visualization platform is now essential to allow your teams to use, correct and produce the various KPIs that will help you manage your business.

Our teams support you in supplying and setting up all the necessary infrastructure. We then also roll out all the best practices to deploy effective and efficient dashboards.

Project & data migration

A recurring problem for our clients is the migration of a project or data, often from an on-premises environment to a cloud environment.

We can assist you in making this transition smoothly and minimizing the impacts, having previously jointly defined a migration schedule and provided training in the handling of new tools, if necessary.

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