E-commerce represents a growing proportion of companies’ earnings. In B2C, it is reaching maturity and embarking on a search for greater profitability and omnichannel optimization. In B2B, it represents new opportunities for development and differentiation.

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We intervene throughout your project, from the construction of the strategy and the business plan, to the choice of the right stack of tools and the right organization.

Through our knowledge of key topics (D2C, e-trade marketing, insight sharing, retail media, marketplaces, live shopping, etc.) and our expertise (marketing, media, CRM, e-merchandising, web analysis, IT, logistics, etc.) we help you launch or optimize your e-commerce business.

  • E-commerce qualification and launch strategy
  • Deployment of E-commerce platforms
  • Optimization of e-commerce operations

E-commerce qualification and launch strategy

Focusing on qualification means knowing where you're going and if it's a good idea. The qualification of an e-commerce project or initiative is essential to ensure its success and its speed of execution. It aligns the organization with shared objectives and isolates the resources to be allocated to the project.

Our scope of action:

  • Audit of the existing system
  • Opportunities qualification
  • Strategy setting
  • Definition of the device and of the ecosystem
  • Business plan & Roadmap

Deployment of E-commerce platforms

The deployment phase is the operational expression of the qualification in all its dimensions, both in terms of business (for example via the product/service range and the mix) and technical possibilities (in the choice of in-house platforms or partners). It combines technical expertise, knowledge of solutions and the ability to train.

Our scope of action:

  • Help in choosing tools and partners
  • Implementation of e-commerce tools
  • PMO in the implementation and acceptance phases
  • Performance management framework

Optimization of e-commerce operations

Operations management consists in optimizing front office operations, including traffic acquisition and the conversion rate of the e-commerce platform, and the back office, throughout the chain: from the first page of the e-commerce site to delivery, not forgetting order management. The continuous improvement of each of the operational levers requires the specialist skills.

We act in the following areas:

  • Performance management

  • Optimization of conversion paths & CRO
  • Media activation and traffic acquisition
  • Operational excellence: E-merch, Content, E-catman
  • Continuous improvement

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