Loyalty programs

From the audit of your program to the technical deployment of offer engines and the design of the loyalty program, we write, deploy and optimize tailor-made loyalty programs.

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  • Auditing of the loyalty program
  • Design of loyalty programs
  • Architecture and deployment of loyalty platforms

Auditing of the loyalty program

We analyze your existing loyalty program from its different angles and make recommendations for its evolution:

  • ROI of the program
  • Data quality and completeness
  • Effectiveness and relevance of benefits
  • Embasement methods and compliance with regulations (GDPR)

Technical and functional architecture of the platform

Design of loyalty programs

With our customers, we co-design their tailor-made loyalty program according to their industry and context:

  • Strategy and objectives
  • Benefits,content, serviceware
  • Level of generosity, "earn & burn" mechanics
  • Program's KPIs
  • IT architecture

We associate a business plan as well as a strategy to support organizational change and IT to validate and prepare the deployment of these projects.

Architecture and deployment of loyalty platforms

To ensure the success of your transformation or acceleration projects, our technical teams can help you define and build your architecture and data flows:

  • Functional architecture and data
  • Data template

Once the framework has been established, our IT consultants develop and deploy loyalty platforms, from the application through to the website and the back office.

We work in the technical environments of our clients and we ensure the control of the platforms by their teams.

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