Marketing Mix Modeling & Learning Agenda

To measure a return on investment and know the contribution of a channel to its sales, it is necessary to go beyond deterministic management indicators, even though these are deteriorating in a context of reduced tracking.

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Le Marketing Mix Modeling ou MMM est une analyse et une modélisation des effets des investissements marketing afin de mesurer la contribution de chaque levier sur le chiffre d'affaire d'une entreprise.
  • Marketing & Media Mix Modeling deployment
  • Launch of geolocated A/B tests
  • Implement a Brand & Conversion Lift strategy
  • Learning Agenda: our test & learn methodology

Marketing & Media Mix Modeling deployment

To measure the contribution of your marketing and external factors (media, promotion, seasonality, etc.) to your performance (revenues, store visits, brand etc.), we roll out and industrialize customized econometric models (MMM) that measure the long-term evolution of the explanatory factors between them and compare them with a commercial performance indicator.

We roll out these MMMs at different levels of granularity, to provide you with an overview and strategic vision of the performance of your investments (contribution to sales, ROAS, etc.), applying the only method capable of providing an unbiased omnichannel measurement.

Launch of geolocated A/B tests

A geolocated A/B test consists of defining test zones where a specific media mix is activated and control zones (or white zones) and of measuring the impact of the tested media mix by comparing the variations in sales between the two zones (online or in-store sales).

This type of project requires very precise framing to best define the test protocol:

  • Definition of zones
  • Questions asked and expected answers
  • Media mix, etc.

Our many feedbacks and experiences on these topics will allow us to support you to measure the impact of a media mix on your business performance.

Implement a Brand & Conversion Lift strategy

When activating a digital channel that is a walled garden (e.g.: Facebook, Youtube, etc.) it is possible to deploy a performance study by defining a control segment that will be used as the standard. This standard will measure an increment on sales (Conversion Lift) or an increment on the desirability or memorization of the brand via a questionnaire (Brand Lift).

Learning Agenda: our test & learn methodology

Learning Agenda is a test & learn methodology based on 4 levers:

  • A test roadmap to identify the most effective elements of your campaigns, regardless of your objectives (awareness, consideration, ROI, ,etc.)
  • Strong collaboration with agencies or your operational teams to build these tests into your roadmap, deploy and measure them
  • Recurring data analyses to identify value-generating elements based on the results of your campaigns
  • Close relationship with major publishers (Facebook, Google, Snapchat) to benefit from privileged access to beta products or funding

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