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Data has become a major performance factor for companies: business management, data monetization, knowledge & targeting of customers & leads, development of operational efficiency, etc.

Through our data, business and consulting expertise, we help you build and deploy a data strategy to support your performance, as well as set up the essential capabilities for its deployment.

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  • Define your roadmap and your data strategy
  • Structure the capabilities needed to enhance your data strategy

Define your roadmap and your data strategy

We rely on tried and tested methodology, based on mapping your data ecosystem and identifying your use cases, to help you frame your data strategy and roadmap.

We bring a unique mix of expertise in data (data analysis, data engineering & architecture, data science, etc.), consulting (strategy & operations) and business (monetization, marketing, commercial efficiency, media & CRM, business intelligence, etc.), to intervene at all levels of your business (from the ExCo to operational teams) and identify the use cases of your data bringing the most value.

Structure the capabilities needed to enhance your data strategy

We help you identify and implement the essential capabilities to deploy your data strategy.

We audit the organization of your data teams and your technical ecosystem to recommend the necessary evolutions in all the key capabilities for data development:

  • Skills & organization
  • Data governance
  • Data privacy
  • Tools
  • Process between technical and business teams...

On the strength of our hybrid expertise, we help you manage your data transformation projects (which combine technical complexity and strong business challenges) or we reinforce your teams as they evolve.

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