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At the crossroads between a media agency and a data consulting firm, Shift By Converteo offers our clients a new way to operate SEA, Social Ads, Programmatic and Affiliate.

Our unique approach inspired by our consulting methodologies makes data the prime focus of the activations we carry out for our clients.

Through our media buying, branding and acquisition experts, Shift by Converteo operates tailor-made media campaigns. Our teams’ interest in companies’ business challenges allows our clients to gain agility, transparency and often save money while maximizing performance.

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Shift by Converteo est une offre d'achat media
  • Framing of media buying in-housing
  • In-housing of media buying tools
  • Activation of digital levers in media purchasing

Framing of media buying in-housing

The acceleration of programmatic purchasing, the increase in proprietary data and the growing need for transparency and trust have pushed one in three advertisers in 2020 to initiate a process of media buying in-housing.

In this context, our teams can help you evaluate the opportunity to in-house all or part of the media buying process through one or more levers:

  • Business plan and expected benefits
  • Expertise and arrangements to set up
  • Roll-out reverse schedule
  • Target organization proposal

In-housing of media buying tools

If you want to regain control of MarTech or AdTech tools to improve transparency, in-house data, control costs, or simply to modernize your Media & CRM ecosystem, we are able to support you in all the phases of your projects:

  • Framing of requirements
  • Drafting of specifications
  • Completion of RFPs
  • Deployment of the tool and team training
  • Definition of governance
  • Change management

Activation of digital levers in media purchasing

To support the in-housing of media or CRM operations, our experts are available to help you steer your campaigns in your tools. Our media consultants are integrated into our clients’ organization in a transparent way, independently of the investment volume, guaranteeing increased performance.

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