Relational marketing

Our experts support our B2C and B2B clients in defining relational marketing strategies, in their implementation and in improving their performance. We are familiar with the main platforms of the market and we set up tailor-made support.

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Nos experts accompagnent nos clients BtoC et BtoB dans la définition des stratégies de marketing relationnel, dans leur mise en place et dans à l'amélioration de leur performance
  • Relational Marketing strategy
  • Marketing campaign management and analysis
  • Transition Management & Product Ownership
  • Define an effective content strategy

Relational Marketing strategy

We support you in defining your relationship strategy based on our recommendations on:

  • Complete understanding of your business challenges and business objectives
  • Analysis of your budgetary and organisational constraints
  • Use of your business data, prospects and customers
  • Understanding of your ecosystem

Marketing campaign management and analysis

Our team is composed of experts on the main solutions of campaign management, marketing automation and customer data platform. We can support you in the day-to-day management of operations in your tools whether your activity is B2B or B2C:

  • Construction of the communications plan
  • Taking briefings and creating emails and landing pages
  • Creating targeting
  • Management of triggers and commercial pressure
  • Segmentations and targeting
  • Measurement protocols & A/B test
  • Reporting, performance analysis and recommendations

Transition Management & Product Ownership

Our most experienced profiles can join your teams for two main missions:

Interim management:

  • Implementation of the organization around relational marketing, definition of processes, job description and scope of team members
  • Ensuring the transition between two managers
  • Replacement in case of absence

Product Ownership and facilitation of centres of expertise:

  • Ensuring the level of expertise in the Marketing Automation tool or the Customer Data Platform
  • Optimizing processes and the configuration of the platforms
  • Operational deployment of recommendations

Define an effective content strategy

Our approach to defining your content strategy is to combine:

  • An audit of your content to identify the best performer by key segmentation
  • Competitive analysis to identify new relevant content
  • Modeling of your customers' and prospects' purchasing journeys
  • Analysis of your ecosystem (tools & expertise) in order to identify tools or skills to optimize the implementation of your strategy

The content strategy results in an editorial plan and the optimization of your tools and processes to achieve your goals.

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