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Thanks to semantic AI, we transform all the spontaneous signals available on the web and social networks into intelligence (studies, barometers) to support your decisions and actions.

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Using AI, Synomia by Converteo turns words into intelligence for company managers

Synomia by Converteo is a proprietary AI-based semantic analysis technology combined with consulting services for corporate management.

We collect spontaneous and massive data, freely shared online by consumers, the media, brands and the various stakeholders, without any questionnaires or preconceived ideas.

We study this data, using several semantic AI processes to structure, qualify and prioritise it and give it meaning in order to meet your challenges.

Our deliverables : diagnostics, audits and studies, recurring barometers on brand perception, CSR positioning, a product, a service innovation, a theme, an event, a personality, etc.

Our data visualisations : mapping, persona, customer journey, benchmark, digital communities, etc.

At source: conversations from both the web and your company's internal channels


We reveal internal insights by connecting to your company's information systems:
- Studies & surveys,
- Chat conversations,
- CRM & DMP information,
- Customer service data,
- Data collected by the web analysis tool Google Analytics, Piano or other.
- Digitised documents, etc.


Our technology is deployed in digital territories where the volume of conversations is inaccessible without AI:
- Social networks: Facebook and Twitter
- Forums,
- Customer review sites,
- App Store reviews (Apple Store, Google Play Store...),
- Competitor sites,
- Markeplaces
- Media sites...

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6 application areas enhanced by semantic analysis

Trends Innovation

Detection of trends, drivers, behaviours, weak and dynamic signals to feed marketing and innovation strategies.

Marketing Persona

Detection and qualification of acquisition targets Enhancement of customer knowledge (or HR targets)

Brand and marketing content

Improving the effectiveness of communication strategies and editorial or marketing content.

Market Analysis

Mapping the stakeholders in a digital ecosystem to position a brand and identify marketing and communication opportunities.

Consumer Journey

Reinforcing the Brand's position against the competition, on a purchasing path or a decision path.


Construction of ad hoc indicators (observatory, barometer) for activity management

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