Data Analysis, Data Science, AI

We help you make sure that your data supports your strategic challenges and your growth.

Through our expertise in data analysis, econometrics, machine learning & AI, and our multiskilled teams, we help you understand and respond to your key issues.

By using advanced analysis and statistical modeling of your business challenges, we provide you with value through data.

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Grâce à notre expertise en Data Analyse, économétrie, Machine Learning & IA, nous vous aidons à comprendre et à répondre à vos problématiques clés
  • Data to support businesses
  • End-to-end data support
  • A proven Data Science business x technical content mix

Data to support businesses

We support different functions with a single priority: producing valuable recommendations and actionable tools.

  • Analyze price sensitivity and product combinations
  • Evaluate marketing performance and its contributors through Marketing Mix Modeling studies
  • Build segmentations (store, customers, receipts, etc.) and scores (churn, appetite, etc.)
  • Predict customer sales or lifetime value
  • Build an integrated set of analytics and models for a unified view of marketing performance
  • Deploy Natural Language Processing projects (recognition of receipts, analysis of opinions, etc.)
  • Support the data-ization of supply chain / operations teams

End-to-end data support

We support you in all the steps to develop your data:

  • Definition of Data Science & AI roadmaps and the means of their deployment (tools, organization, resources, etc.)
  • Identification of business issues and transformation into data issues
  • Preliminary or advanced analyses
  • Construction & industrialization of statistical models
  • Recommendations based on results

We bring together all the necessary expertise:

  • Data analysis & data visualization
  • Data Science, Machine Learning & AI
  • Data engineering
  • Strategic and operational consulting

A proven Data Science business x technical content mix

We operate with an agile methodology adapted to the pace of your business to explore, test, and continuously deploy solutions, which is key to the success of Data Science projects:

  • A focus on delivering value and responding to business challenges
  • Agile operation, adapted to the rhythm of the business to explore, test and deploy non-stop

A multidisciplinary system:

  • A project led by a Business Consultant x Data scientist / Data analyst pair
  • A hub of technical experts which can be mobilized: Architects, Data Engineers, Statisticians
  • An industrial approach, adapted to the context of the customer and their technical environment

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